Gotham City Limit

Gotham City Limit is Jacksonville’s premier location for comic books, collectibles, toys and more. We opened our doors to our new location in January 2018 and are excited to cater to the needs of all super hero or villain fanatics. Our upmost goal is to connect comic book fans with their favorite characters through comics and more! We also pride ourselves on being in the know with latest comic news and offer a large selection of comic books from the DC and Marvel universe and more. With games, apparel, toys, collectibles, household items, action figures and much more, we are your one-stop shop for anything and everything super hero and villain related.

Our Store

4195 Southside Blvd. #104 Jacksonville, FL 32216 Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

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Our Online Store will be Coming Soon, Until then Feel Free to Contact GCL with Any of Your Pop Culture Needs or Orders.

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